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Two College Degrees: How to Compute the Number of Years

What if you had 2 degrees in college, how do you compute for the total number of years of your studies?

To explain it further, I will use my experience as an example that suits this problem perfectly.

It happened that I got two Engineering Degrees in College, I’ll just name it as Eng-1 and Eng-2.   Each degree is normally a 5-year course.

How Long Did I Finish My Two Degrees?

For the Eng-1, I finished it for just 4.5 instead of 5 years, it’s because I was so excited to finish that course.  I was so enthusiastic back then.

The school that I enrolled into allows us to take advance courses during summer.  So, I went to school to take the summer courses that was supposed to be taken in the next semester.

After finishing the Eng-1, now I have a vacant of 0.5 years, right?  Then I decided to take Eng-2.

Eng-2 is a 5-year engineering degree also, but the minor subjects from my Eng-1 are all credited so I just needed to finish the major subjects to graduate/finish the degree.  And, it took me 1 year to finish it.

To summarize my educational background, I had tabulated it below:


Eng-1 – 4.5 years

Eng-2 – 1.0 years

             5.5 actual years in school

How Did I Fill-up the Form IMM008 (FSW Canada) for My Two Degrees?

At the Schedule A Background Declaration (IMM5669) item #7- Education form, I counted the number of years of studies based on my secondary and post-secondary education in the Philippines.

 We have 6 years of elementary/primary school, which starts from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and  4 years in Secondary/High School from First Year to Fourth Year.
I indicated 6 years on the University/College.  Even though I have 5.5 actual years in this level but Eng-1 is a 5-year course and took another year for Eng-2, a total of 6 years.
For the Trade school or “other post-secondary” school section, I left it as “0” because I don’t have one.  But if you do have, like 1 or 2-year courses, you can indicate it there.

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