Cancer Patient: My Sister’s Surviving Cancer in Canada Story – Part 1

What would you do if you found out at your doctor’s office that you have cancer? Does this make your life miserable or do you still fight for your dreams?

Having Cancer is one of the worst news that you’ll be afraid to hear. It could be a life-threatening illness or a curable one. Other people seemed to stop pursuing their dreams or career because of the disease. They think that there is no more purpose in life.

As of the moment, I don’t have some serious illness “knock on wood”, but someday it might come and it’s only because we are humans. There was one podcast that I bumped into, it’s talking about positive thinking.

It says that once you have a problem or illness, for instance, don’t think about the problem but how to solve it instead.

Like cancer, if you knew that you have cancer, think of a way on how to cure it. Don’t think of negative thoughts about it, although it will never be totally possible, at least you have to minimize it.

Now. Why is cancer connected on moving to Canada?

The Experience with Cancer

On 2003, my sister was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer. There was a…

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